Samuelson Vinten/other Head FLYPACK Cases

Super lightweight welded aluminium plate to carry super heavyweight heads! Perfect cut CNC high density foam (EVA PE45) with embossed surface to minimize/kill scratches and nicks. Add 'holes' for arms or accessories compartments for any peripheral/attachment required.

Case features hand welded plate with choices of Nylon Corner colours (perfect for department categorisation e.g. Truck 1 red, Truck 2 green etc). Choices of recessed or spine protected twist latches. Heavy duty hinging. Handle each end. Case weights typically under 10kgs depending on internal requirments. 

Price range

Most Vinten head with arms $1290 inc gst. Sorry no prices on website but will be available soon. Email as we have formulated/flat rate prices based on your total requirements.

How to order?

We have most Vinten on file, so just head number. Alt brands we will need brand/model or dimensions W+D+H in cms!


Samuelson Vinten/other Head FLYPACK Cases

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