READY MADE GO-BRIEF3000 Dimensions 435x330x150mm

GO BRIEFS are strong, heavy duty foam lined briefcases suitable for any application. Price includes a removable foam lined partition and shoulder strap.

Options include:

    Pick'n'Pluck foam insert

Simple or complex custom foam inserts
    Simple refers to basic geometric shapes like
    circles, squares, rectangles & triangles, all others are
    complex.  Premium or regular foam is determined by
    space between items, and their weight.

    Branding - just email artwork to
    for a quote.

    Lid Insert - Document Portfolio

    Colour choices for bulk orders

For bulk orders and/or asssitance with custom fit out email or phone 1300 85 4620 [Australia]
or ++ 61(0)7 3889 7
755 [International]

Padlockable Latch
Removable Shoulder Strap
Removable Partition
Foam Lined
Spare Foam supplied
Airline Carry On
Branding and Image
Foam Shaping
Diced Pick and Pluck Foam

Lid Portfolio
Dimensions & Weight
Freight Table

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READY MADE GO-BRIEF3000 Dimensions 435x330x150mm
        Tool Pallet or Document Portfolio 

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Colours [only BLACK if under 25 qty] :

Brief3000 Diced [Pick'n'Pluck] Foam :
   Brief3000 Pick'n'Pluck Foam Insert ($43.70)

Custom Foam Insert Setup :
   Simple Foam Set Up ($75.00)
   Complex Foam Set Up ($150.00)

Brief3000 Custom Foam Insert :
   Brief3000 Premium Foam Insert ($121.00)
   Brief3000 Regular Foam Insert ($99.00)

Lid Insert :
   Document Portfolio ($35.00)

   Artwork emailed for quote ($0.00)

Our Price : $159.00  ea