PREMIUM Series Mixing Console Cases 220 to 350 LCM

Custom made premium Blue Cat Mixer case for any audio mixing or lighting console within the size range from 220 to 300 LCM. Heavy duty touring case, cut for a precise fit, with colour choices. May include casters and cables box, please select during checkout.

These size cases can also includes drawers and/or sliding shelves as shown in the photo, cable boxes, and side mounted casters....please contact us for pricing on these if not listed in options below.

How to sect the right sized case [lineal centimeters -LCM]: total the dimensions of your console [width + depth + height], round to the nearest 10 centimeters then match with the last three digits in the code.
For example 118+ 79+ 42= 87, rounded to 239, is LCM-240 size.

Please enter your console's brand and model number, and the dimensions, in the appropriate fields during checkout to ensure we make for a snug fit.

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PREMIUM Series Mixing Console Cases 220 to 350 LCM

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MIXERS, Select your LCM Model  (Required) * :
   BC-MX-220 [FROM 215-224 LCM] ($1,470.00)
   BC-MX-230 [FROM 225-234 LCM] ($1,565.00)
   BC-MX-240 [FROM 235-244 LCM] ($1,675.00)
   BC-MX-250 [FROM 245-254 LCM] ($1,780.00)
   BC-MX-260 [FROM 255-264 LCM] ($1,855.00)
   BC-MX-270 [FROM 265-274 LCM] ($1,955.00)
   BC-MX-280 [FROM 275-284 LCM] ($2,080.00)
   BC-MX-290 [FROM 285-294 LCM] ($2,180.00)
   BC-MX-300 [FROM 295-304 LCM] ($2,270.00)
   BC-MX-310 [FROM 305-314 LCM] ($2,380.00)
   BC-MX-320 [FROM 315-324 LCM] ($2,495.00)
   BC-MX-330 [FROM 325-334 LCM] ($2,625.00)
   BC-MX-340 [FROM 335-344 LCM] ($2,755.00)
   BC-MX-350 [FROM 345-354 LCM] ($2,890.00)


Panel Colour Choices :


FRONT LID [Nosecone] :

DOGHOUSE Cables Box [includes case size increase] :

Width of your gear in cms :

Depth of your gear in cms :

Height of your gear in cms :


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