CITY Series Mixing Console Cases from 60 to 160LCM

Custom made Blue Cat Mixer case for any audio mixing or lighting console within the size range from 60 to 160 LCM. Plywood panel covered with industrial grade carpet, available in either grey or black. Cut for a precise fit.

How to select the right sized case [lineal centimeters -LCM]: total the dimensions of your console [width + depth + height], round to the nearest 10 centimeters then match with the last three digits in the code.
For example 37+ 33+ 17= 87, rounded to 90, is LCM-090 size.

Please enter your console's brand and model number, and the dimensions, in the appropriate fields during checkout to ensure we make for a snug fit.

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CITY Series Mixing Console Cases from 60 to 160LCM

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CITY MIXERS, Select your LCM Model  (Required) * :
   BC-CMX-060 [From 55-64 LCM] ($240.00)
   BC-CMX-070 [from 65-74 LCM] ($285.00)
   BC-CMX-080 [from 75-84 LCM] ($315.00)
   BC-CMX-090 [from 85-94 LCM] ($340.00)
   BC-CMX-100 [from 95-104 LCM] ($360.00)
   BC-CMX-110 [from 105-114 LCM] ($380.00)
   BC-CMX-120 [from 115-124 LCM] ($395.00)
   BC-CMX-130 [from 125-134 LCM] ($420.00)
   BC-CMX-140 [from 135-144 LCM] ($450.00)
   BC-CMX-150 [from 145-154 LCM] ($485.00)
   BC-CMX-160 [from 155-164 LCM] ($510.00)



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