CUSTOM MADE AMPLIFIER HEAD CASES front & rear lid format

100% hand made Front and Rear Lidded Amplifier Head Case in a full touring case style that is made PRECISELY to your amp head's dimensions.

This is a PRECISION CUT case with FRONT + REAR lids which give the performer full front & rear visual and physical access to their amp head, as well the amp head REMAINS in the case. There are options like a rackmount section for small effects and rackmount tuners etc, or the case can be made for 2 amp heads.

Selecting the right sized case - LCM - lineal centimeters: Simply add your amp head's width + depth + height totaled in centimeters, then round to nearest 10 and match up the last 3 digits in the BC-AH-FR case code.

Common AMP HEAD's Case LCM
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CUSTOM MADE AMPLIFIER HEAD CASES front & rear lid format

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AMP HEAD FRONT & REAR LIDS, Select your LCM Model  (Required) * :
   BC-AH-FR-060 [from 65-74 LCM] ($450.00)
   BC-AH-FR-070 [from 65-84 LCM] ($465.00)
   BC-AH-FR-080 [from 75-84 LCM] ($495.00)
   BC-AH-FR-090 [from 85-94 LCM] ($520.00)
   BC-AH-FR-100 [from 95-114 LCM] ($630.00)
   BC-AH-FR-110 [from 105-114 LCM] ($685.00)
   BC-AH-FR-120 [from 115-124 LCM] ($745.00)
   BC-AH-FR-130 [from 125-134 LCM] ($785.00)
   BC-AH-FR-140 [from 135-144 LCM] ($855.00)


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