STANDARD RACK Custom Made 28-44u Depth 801-1000mm

Custom Made Premium Blue Cat rack from 28 to 44u, to any depth from 801 to 1000mm.

Price includes rack nuts sets and front and rear rack rails. The rails will be set back approximately 25mm from the edge of the case. If a different position is preferred, please contact us.
Colour, casters and caster positioning are options, please select during checkout.
Please enter the depth from front rail to the rear of the case and from rail to rail, during checkout.

Recessed Penn Latches
Recessed Handles
Rack Nuts Bolts and Washers Included
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Rack Depth
Panel Colours
Branding and Image

Caster Positioning
Rack Rails
Rack Drawers
Other Rack Accessories
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STANDARD RACK Custom Made  28-44u Depth 801-1000mm

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STANDARD RACK 801 TO 1000MM, Select your Size  (Required) * :
   BC-RK28-1000 [28u Rack 801-1000mm depth] ($1,540.00)
   BC-RK32-1000 [32u Rack 801-1000mm depth] ($1,699.00)
   BC-RK36-1000 [36u Rack 801-1000mm depth] ($1,799.00)
   BC-RK40-1000 [40u Rack 801-1000mm depth] ($1,899.00)
   BC-RK44-1000 [44u Rack 801-1000mm depth] ($2,235.00)




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