TREKA1300 Internal Dimensions 345x150x278mm

Discontinued model / Perfect condition

ALL TERRAIN injection moulded ABS case with all the features
and endless options.

Waterproof, dust proof, anti corrosive, temperature resistant,
with IP67 rating.

All cases come with a sheet of foam covering the base, 3 x 80mm pick'n'pluck foam sheets & convoluted lid foam.

Guidelines on Custom Inserts:
Simple refers to basic geometric shapes:  squares, circles, rectangles and triangles.  All others are complex.
Correct foam is determined by space between the items and their weight.

For bulk orders and/or custom fit out assistance email or
phone 1300 85 4620 [Australia] or ++ 61(0)7 3889 7
755 [International]

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Width x Depth x Height
Internal 345 x 150 x 278mm
External 397 x 234 x 311.5mm
Base/Lid Split 28/250mm
Weight 2.8kg
Bouyancy Weight 12.2kgs
Internal measurements do not include interior mouldings
such as caster and handle housings. Provided a design
margin of 20mm from all edges is maintained these
intrusions will not effect the usable space in the case.

Waterproof Rating
Pressure Valve and Label Holder
Recessed Latch
Branding and Imaging
Internal Shaped Foam Cutouts
Internal Diced Foam
Internal Hard or Soft Dividers
Mesh Lid Inserts
Nylon or Canvas Pouches
Colour Choices for Large Orders

TREKA1300  Internal Dimensions 345x150x278mm

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TREKA Custom Foam Insert Set Up :
   TREKA Simple Foam Set Up ($75.00)
   TREKA Complex Foam Set Up ($150.00)

TREKA1300 Custom Foam Insert :
   TREKA1300 Regular Foam Insert ($105.00)
   TREKA1300 Premium Foam Insert ($123.00)

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