Samuelson Pro-Video FLY-PACK Case

Welded aluminium plate by Samuelson Cases. Custom made in Australia/NZ for YOUR elected model camera/lens & peripheral attachments.

Case with genuine Protex Latches (pad-lockable), nylon corners in colour choices for easy categorisation of your cases.

Interior with DUAL GRADE high density foam with a softer foam laminate to provide complimenting "bounce" and vibration-damage-resistance. High density foam is waterproof EVA PE45 with textured/embossed surface to dull scratching. Your camera/peripheral shapes are perfectly shaped along with smart-finger-access and over-contours to make loading/removing gear effortless. Whilst the foam is "semi-hard" (about half the hardness-density of "thongs"/"jandals") the softer foam provides softer cushioning.

Case is hand welded aluminium plate with rigidized concave/convex surfacing. Lid to base with inter-mating aluminium extrusion.

How light?

Typically 30-50% the weight of traditional flight cases. Small cameras around 4-7kg, medium cameras around 7-10kg, large cameras (and box lens) 10-13 kg. Of course, depends on internal
requirements, additions of foam compartments etc

Price range

Small typically under $600. Medium typically around $800, large typically under $1100. Of course, depends on size and internal

Want to know more?

Contact and we have flat-rate formulas. We'll need to know your brand/model of camera and if you have the width/depth/height dimensions plus approximate extra space we'll be able to return a quote typically within the hour during business hours. Website prices coming soon!


Samuelson Pro-Video FLY-PACK Case

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