Samuelson Aluminium Floatation Rack FLYPACK

You want it LIGHT'n'STRONG, there is nothing lighter that is transit-able than a hand welded aluminium rack.

Internal aluminium sleeve with racking. Heights as you require. Add rear racking. Let us know the distance between the racking required, distance from front-set back. 

Outer case featuring welded plate with pad-lockable recessed latches, handles in the position YOU elect (factoring in center-weighting or easier access). Nylon corners in colour choices (for easy care categorisation e.g. Video cases are red, Audio are blue)


High density foam surrounds the inner rack. Let us know the approximate weight of contents and our Case Designers will "channel" the foam to match the weight x gravity drop to provide optimum bounce/cushioning.

Price range

Sit down, they're not cheap. We'll have all prices on website soon. Price are typically 12% greater than traditional flight cases. Most will have recoverable TCO from cheaper transporting/shipping as both cubic is reduced around 10+% and weights by 40-60% depending on internal requirements.

Want to know more?

Contact We will need to know the HEIGHT ( in cm/mm or rack-units), the depth (front to rear) dimension of deepest rack gear ( allow for any cabling on the rear). And if you mainly carry the case around yourself, let us know that as we can reduce weights/size by reducing foam thicknesses and price accordingly!


Samuelson Aluminium Floatation Rack FLYPACK

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