Samuelson FLYPACK Packing/Utility Cases

Foam lined or no foam or partial top/bottom foam, it's all up to you. Samuelson Flypacks are perfect as a heavy duty transit case or strong transit case or strong lightweight solution for personal carrying.

Add compartments. Add CNC foam shapes in a particular location. Add multi-level trays to split contents into sections. For complex designs you'll be liaising with our Case Designers and NOT sales people to get your perfect result.

Case features pad-lockable recessed latches or protected spine latches. Nylon corners come in colour choices ( great for case-categorisation e.g. Video Dept are red, Marketing Dept Blue). Hand welded aluminium plate made to the millimetre.


Coming soon but we know the importance of being open/honest as all our prices are formulated on size ( lineal dimensions of w+d+h in cm's)

Without foam Samuelson Flypacks up to 120 LCM around $350-$600, 120-180LCM around $600-900.

With high density foam all internal sides up to 120LCM around $400-$700, 120-180LCM is $700-$1000

Weights up to 120LCM typically 408kgs, 120-180LCM typically 8-14kgs. You won't find lighter and plastic cases are usually similar or heavier than traditional flight cases and Samuelson FLYPACKS are usually 40-60% lighter than traditional flight cases!

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Samuelson FLYPACK Packing/Utility Cases

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