Samuelson Broadcast Monitor FLYPACK

Brilliantly lightweight, hand made from welded aluminium plate to your monitors precise dimensions and internal requirements. All we need are brand/model of monitor, we have most on "file".

Front-rear lids. Add custom options like shade covers/shrouds, tilting. Add rear space for back mounted batteries or computers. Add compartments in rear lid for small accessories of large! You'll be working with our Case Designers direct, not sales people.

Case features choices of latches from recessed or spine-protected twist locks, surface mounted key or pad-lockable draw-latches. Nylon corners with colour choices ( great for department categorisation e.g. Video is purple, sales are green etc).

How light?

Samuelson are the LIGHTEST heavy duty transit case available ranging from around 6kgs for small monitors to 12kgs for larger ALL fully protected in HIGH DENSITY EVA foam ( about half the hardness of "thongs"/"jandals") with dual grade (softer) foam option.

Price range

Will vary depending on internal requirements. Ball park 11-13" around $600, 15" around $700,  17" around $800, 19-23" around $900-$1100.

Want to know more?

Contact and let us know if your carry the monitor around yourself (mainly) or typically cargo-air/road ( as we'll be able to lighten up the load). Brand-model of gear. List of any peripheral attachments that need a compartment (e.g. in rear lid). Brand-model of any attachment fixed to monitor.


Samuelson Broadcast Monitor FLYPACK

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