Real Manufacturer -
Cases Com Au actually manufacture cases IN-HOUSE IN-FACTORY IN-AUSTRALIA, in fact we're one of the few case-manufacturers remaining in Australia! You're welcome to visit anytime WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT...bring your ear muff's, because you'll hear, smell and touch REAL cases made by the best master Case-Makers in Australia!
And like the other "case companies" that only import, we import too giving you a clear choice. But more, WE DESIGN all our own cases and we definitely don't accept cases that are simply off the shelf in China or elsewhere as we put OUR EXPERIENCE and KNOW-HOW into each and every design & physical aspect of our products...with passion!

In-house DESIGN TEAM -
Cases Com Au's design team are the most respected and competent team in Australia bar none, being used by major corporations, government & thousand's of business/users. The goals are simple....slim, light, strength where/when required and usability. Oh, our design service is FREE with all the usual CAD, 3d based tech available

Want your Own series of Cases or Project? -
Cases Com Au are not limited to simple screen/vinyl logos or nameplates, we can offer FULL STYLE, colour and "your look" inclusions into any case/product or project as we have many in-house solutions and lower cost offshore production lines to make YOUR CASE not only a better price but an extraordinary product or project involving cases. It's called...YOUR CASE!